The award-winning Miri slide is one of the best-selling attachments in the Triclimb range and I don’t think it gets enough coverage, given just how innovative it actually is.

Name: Miri

Pronunciation: Miri

Meaning: Festivity; playful fun

Snapshot: The Triclimb reversible slide (Miri) safely locks in place in a simple way with no tools required – simply lift set and drop! It’s height adjustable, static load and stability tested to 100kg, and connects to a second unit using our wonderful Trifix joint system which turns it into a plank, table or bridge!



Creating the Miri caused us a little bit of frustration at first! We wanted our attachment to be safe, but being safe meant we had a lot of hoops to jump through. It wasn’t simple – any attachment used in active play is required to ‘LOCK’ in place. Before the Miri there was nothing on the market that ‘locked’ in place. Safety was our priority, so I set myself a task; our slide had to lock, but it had to be easy to use and not use any extra straps or screws. It took me a while, a lot of design work, a ton of ‘a fraction of a mm’ calculations and finally a good few working prototypes. The Miri was birthed, the first on the UK market to be officially tested as a slide, not just a ramp. The locking mechanism means that children can us the Miri however they want within reason – jumping from it, crawling under it, sliding on it – without any fear of it becoming accidentally dislodged during play.

The Miri connects to any of the Triclimb frames (Pwt, Archi or a second Triclimb) and locks at various height settings. It can be fixed onto any of the rungs altering the angle and thus varying the difficulty level making it suitable for a variety of ages and abilities. The Miri incorporates raised rails on either side. which ensures a stronger platform, eliminating any bowing action. It’s also incredibly handy to enclose toys, e.g. for a ball run or maybe car racing.

It is a reversible addition which opens up a multitude of further play opportunities. You will know by now that we are all about designing our toys in an intentional way that supports a variety of developmental opportunities – it’s our thing! The Miri is a perfect example of this; one side features a smooth flat surface that can be used as a slide or a ramp. The other side has cut-outs allowing it to be used as a climbing wall, encouraging children to pick their own course to the top.

When looking at the climbing ramp side we decided to go with cut outs for the climbing points. Why? Firstly, they allow you to use your attachments straight out of the box. There is no need to add anything to enable your little person to start exploring. The cut outs are designed as climbing points; a child can pick between the slots or the circles as they climb. They are designed to allow little climbers to grip into them as opposed to onto them (the Triclimb does that job). The climbing points are specifically sized to accommodate little fingers and toes, helping to develop finger and toe strength for your little climbers. The slots are placed at a variety of different angles and there are cut-out circles to help encourage contact finger power and strength as they climb up the board. One advantage of the cut outs is that they are recessed which also allows little people to easily slide back down, letting them perfect climbing without external points getting in the way. These cut outs also allow and create space for a variety of other open-ended play experiences; colour sorting, counting, bean bag throw etc. The list has been endless and we are incredibly impressed with the way Triclimbers are engaging with the board.

Although the Miri has been designed as a stand-alone product on or off the Triclimb, we do have Miri sticks for the slots that will allow little climbers to experience the climb with external points; they also double up as a ball run. They connect without the need for tools etc. and are designed to be taken out when not required for climbing. When inserted, they use friction to lock in place as your little climber climbs up, and like the Tricimb and Miri they have been tested to withstand 100kg. We are currently working on more additions that will fit the existing cut-outs on the same premise – so watch this space.

Additional accessories for the Miri:

– Miri sticks (sold separately) Designed as an additional element, providing further climbing points and also turning the MIRI into a ball run.

– Bottom joints (sold separately)  A further development of our Trifix joint – these connect to the bottom of a Miri further enhancing the play possibilities, turning the Miri into a safe locking bridge, platform, bed, table etc.


Available in: Natural

Triclimb Miri features:

  • Side rails
  • Trifix joints
  • Locking
  • Reversible
  • Climbing wall points
  • Height adjustable
  • Additional accessories
  • 100kg weight and stability tested
  • Safety Tested – UKCA, CE, ASTM, CPS, ISO, SOR
  • Eco-friendly, sustainably sourced materials
  • Toy-safe, water-borne finishes
  • Ethically produced in the UK
  • First Double-platinum Junior Design Award Winner


Have you had a look at all the ways the slide is used?