About Us

It takes a village to design a child’s toy!

Peter and Jolene were always getting asked when they were going to stock a Pikler style climbing frame, and so after searching high and low and not finding one that met their standards, they started the journey to find a designer who could bring a modern version of the Pikler triangle to life. The design criteria was simple, it needed to be strong (very strong!), responsibly made, and look beautiful. Now they just needed an experienced designer with a passion for children’s products. Turns out they didn’t have to look too far, in fact they just looked to South Wales…

This is where Christine came in.

Christine is the amazing designer who turned Triclimb dreams into tangible wooden triangles of endless possibility. She lives in South Wales with her husband and three young children. Her background is furniture design, carpentry, and craftsmanship – and she is dedicated to designing beautiful and sustainable products for children that promote creative play.

The traditional looking Pikler triangle is based around the thinking of Emmi Pikler, a paediatrician originally from Vienna. She developed a new theory of childhood development in the 1930’s/40’s, which was based on encouraging children to move freely and develop at their own pace. She observed that when looking at accident stats, children who had the freedom to roam wild, climbing and jumping to their hearts content, tended to be more physically capable, and could fall without hurting themselves thanks to their greater understanding of their body and limitations. Pikler devoted most of her life to understanding the natural development needs of children, and founded the Lóczy orphanage in 1946, where she encouraged a comfortable atmosphere that fostered the conditions needed for healthy play.

Schema’s are the repetitive behaviours that your child does to learn new skills, such as rolling a car back and forth all day long. They’re super useful in cognitive development, and equip them for when they grow up and learn adult skills like driving a car. The Triclimb is really great for supporting a few major patterns of play and behaviour. In particular, Triclimb supports Orientation, Trajectory, and Enclosure.

The Triclimb has been massively popular so far, and we have been overwhelmed by the support, paving the way for us to expand and keep adding new accessories that enrich the Triclimb, such as the Miri, Wibli, and Biri.