Encourage – Enhance – Engage the strap line from day one.

Triclimb: Created to encourage children to be active, imaginative and creative in their play, the Triclimb range seeks to enhance balance, develop motor skills and engage both mind and muscle.

Benefits of Triclimb Play: The range provides a surface designed for climbing which is intended for young children to explore safely. Younger children are still developing a sense of judgement and learning the strength of their own bodies. They will be testing how far and how high they can jump and move. Their balance is still under development, and they are learning how to solve physical problems using their bodies. The Triclimb range provides a chance to develop all sorts of skills appropriate to their age; climbing gives them the opportunity to test, retest and perfect their strength, coordination, self-confidence, concentration and independence at their own pace.

We love this in-depth look at how the Triclimb range is supporting many schemas from our friends over at Babipur –  view it here.