Finally….they are back!

So small, yet so costly to produce! To try and keep the cost down to you, the customer, I was literally having to hand finish, stain and lacquer every single one as the cost for the factory to do it was so high it just wasn’t viable. But it wasn’t really viable for me to keep producing every single stick as I just couldn’t meet the demand. Thankfully, we have now found a factory who specialise in wooden components using responsible and sustainable sources. So the Miri Sticks are back, costing less and looking amazing.

What are the Miri Sticks and do I need them? ⁣
⁣I though it would be a great time to share a little bit about what they actually are. ⁣

The Miri – our reversible slide – is designed to be used straight out of the box. There is no need to add anything to enable your little person to start exploring. It’s a slide on one side and a climbing wall on the other. ⁣No tools, no clamps, no straps – just ready to go! Find out more about it here.

On the climbing side, there are recesses cuts. These cuts are located at a variety of carefully chosen angles to help encourage ‘contact finger’ power and strength when climbing up the board. These cutouts also provide the perfect opportunity for open ended play; colour sorting, counting, bean bag throw etc. The list has been endless and we are incredibly impressed with the way Triclimbers engage with the board. ⁣

The Miri Sticks fit into these cutouts. They are primarily designed to be added to the Miri as external climbing grips as they wedge in place when climbing. However, they add value in all sorts of other ways with one being as a ball run. The ball run helps children learn cause and effect. What size of balls work best? At which angles? Which run faster? Why? ⁣

No tools are needed to connect or disconnect the sticks – they simply push into place and are easily removed. There’s no need to fix them in; however, if you prefer to make them harder to remove, we have a little trick we use  – a little bit of blue tac along the Miri stick helps to wedge the stick in place.