So… we at Triclimb have some pretty exciting news to share. In fact, as news goes, it doesn’t get much bigger than this:

Triclimb is on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum!!

And not just temporarily either… our Triclimb Pwt is now front and centre in a display case, part of the permanent exhibition at the newly renovated Young V&A in Bethnel Green, London.

If you’re a designer or into design, you’ll understand how significant this is. If you’re not, you might wonder whether it’s a big deal. Well, it’s a big deal. Christine, the designer of the Triclimb range, started designing and making her products in a garden shed in 2015 and now thanks to business partners Peter and Jolene, the Triclimb is not only a commercial success, but is also immortalised in one of the largest, most significant and most prestigious design collections on the planet.

All of us at Triclimb were thrilled beyond words when the team at the V&A approached us to ask us to participate in the Young V&A project; it’s a singular honour and the latest and greatest in a string of awards and recognition for the Triclimb, including several Platinum Junior Design Awards.


Triclimb Pwt in the Play Gallery


What is the Victoria and Albert MuseumThe V&A is considered the world’s greatest museum of art and design. The V&A is today home to a collection of over 2.8 million items, ranging from ancient to modern design objects. It examines and honours these historical and contemporary collections that are unrivalled in their diversity and culture from the epic to the everyday. This makes it one of the largest and most diverse museums in the world. It was founded after the Great Exhibition in 1851 with the singular aim of raising the standard of British design. It is an invaluable asset in educating and inspiring new generations of thinkers and makers.

What is the Young V&AThe Museum of Childhood was part of the V&A. It has been closed for refurbishment which has taken three years and £13 million in a radical revamping. It reopens as the Young V&A and is designed entirely for children, with three new galleries: Play, Imagine and Design.What is Triclimb?  Triclimb was dreamt, designed, refined and crafted in Wales 2017. The company’s name ‘TRICLIMB’ is pronounced ‘Tree Climb’; Tri is three in Welsh and pronounced phonetically in Welsh sounds like ‘tree’. ‘Tree climb’ perfectly encapsulates what the design is all about – and it’s made of wood like a tree! Every detail and measurement serves a purpose to enrich the experience and possibilities of play.

Young V&A, Design for Change, Design Gallery © Luke Hayes courtesy of Victoria and Albert Museum, London.


Young V&A, Build It, Play Gallery © Luke Hayes courtesy of Victoria and Albert Museum, London.


Young V&A, Sand Spinner in Moving & Making, Play Gallery © Luke Hayes courtesy of Victoria and Albert Museum, London.



What is the design ethos of the Triclimb?  The Triclimb is a simple design which is influenced by paediatric theories of child led development. These theories are centred around a respectful relationship between child and parent as well as natural progression of motor development through free movement and play. It is important to offer children age-appropriate opportunities to move naturally according to their inherent ability. Doing so allows them to experiment and learn at a pace that suits then in order to build confidence and gross motor skills. This is the very essence of Triclimb.

What makes the design so special?  The clever designs are beautiful to look at, simple to operate, strong and compact for use within the home environment. Every detail and measurement serve a purpose to enrich the possibilities of play. It’s a simple design but boasts a unique and innovative interlocking, and self-supporting top joint system which includes a basic outrigger system rendering it incredibly strong and slim. The diameter of the rungs, the pitch of the climb, the strong, warp-resistant wood and the mechanics of the design have all been intentionally chosen for the best possible experience.

Who is the designer?  Christine Dunford is a Northern Irish furniture designer specialising in furniture for children. Born 1981 in Lurgan, a small town in the Craigavon region of Northern Ireland, she was introduced to craftsmanship by her grandfather. She studied Furniture Design and Technology alongside Pure Craftsmanship before continuing her journey into ecclesiastical, corporate and school furniture design and manufacturing. This was followed by a period of secondary teaching, before setting up her first business designing and making children’s products; an enterprise which eventually led to the development of Triclimb. Christine is the co-founder of Triclimb alongside Jolene and Peter Barton whose portfolio also includes the online company Babipur, which specialises in ethical shopping for families.

Can I go and see it?  Yes! The V&A is open every day from 10am-5.45pm. Entry is free.

Check out the Young V&A website at

Let us know what you think of the exhibit!



Young V&A, Adventure Display, Imagine Gallery © David Parry courtesy of Victoria and Albert Museum, London.


Young V&A, Adventure Display, Imagine Gallery © David Parry courtesy of Victoria and Albert Museum, London.