Introducing the Wibli to the Triclimb family!

We are so excited to launch the Wibli and to bring a whole new dimension to the Triclimb . This undulating ladder further challenges children to learn, grip, problem solve, balance and much more. The organic curves are smooth and inviting for children to play with and climb over.

Our modular accessories open up the Triclimb, Pikler inspired triangle climber to such a varied range of creative play options. Similar to the Miri, which can be used as a slide, ramp, balance beam, climbing wall, play surface, and ball run… literally only limited by your creativity… the Wibli can be placed on any of the Triclimb rungs, adapting it easily for children of different heights and abilities. These uneven surfaces are perfect for growing the confidence of little ones.

The unique joint system means the Wibli safely locks into place on your Triclimb with no tools required!

Christine is our amazing designer, and along with husband and wife team Peter and Jolene, dreams up and creates the world of Triclimb, including all the wonderful accessories.  Christine’s background is furniture design, carpentry, and craftsmanship – and she is dedicated to designing beautiful and sustainable products for children that promote creative play.

Here’s what the Triclimb design mastermind (Christine) has to say about the new Wibli:

How will Wibli enhance the Triclimb?

Whenever we design a product, our aim is to encourage children to develop motor skills independently in their own time, to enhance their creatively and to become engaged in problem solving, allowing them to learn their own boundaries in their own time. The Wibli is no exception. As the newest product in the Triclimb range it has been designed as a modern interpretation and adaption of the standard ladder. But it’s also been carefully designed to further enhance the possibilities for the Triclimb range of products by increasing the variety of climbing experiences on offer. The Wibli is an extremely versatile piece of equipment and can be used in variety of combinations to seamlessly lock to a single Triclimb, between two Triclimbs or to the Archi.

Why the Wibli shape? Did something inspire it?

Well, we started with a normal ladder. After all, climbing ladders have been around for a long time. Then we just thought about how we could make it better – how we could make it unique so that it instantly stands out. We didn’t want to lose any of the complexity that a standard ladder would have added, but rather build on it and design a product that would actually encourage a more complex set of differing motor skills over a variety of angles. We used the Archi as our main source of inspiration – it functions as bow and an arch – and so the idea of an arch and bow ladder was birthed. Each of the steps on the ladder are the same distance apart, meaning children of all ages should have no problem as they learn to engage with it. But the slightly different angles provide a new challenge for children to climb. The changes from rung to rung are only slight, so children can transition through changing angles at whatever pace suits them. The climbing challenge can be altered by changing the height at which the Wibli locks to the Triclimb unit. One important aspect to note is that the Wibli is compact – the overall dimensions mean the Wibli does not take up any more space that the Miri Slide. It looks bigger, which is a bit of an optical illusion! This was important to us as we’re aiming to make the Triclimb range as compact yet at strong as possible (it’s tested to 100kg). The ladder can be used off the Triclimb as a stand-alone product; so even the littlest of climbers can test out the bow and the arch at a much shallower angle. It can be used either way up too, so you can start with the hump or the bow.

Where did the name Wibli come from?

Ask Jolene – she’s the mastermind behind this one…

What’s the most popular way your kids use their Triclimb and Wibli?

My three testers love using the Wibli between two Triclimbs as a walkway in the air. It’s been a great way of increasing their confidence, challenging with them and just giving them loads of indoor fun for when we can’t get outside.

What’s the most unusual way you have heard of someone using a Triclimb or Wibli?

WOW- not sure I can answer this, there have been so many clever uses for it! At home the most unusual way has been used in our house is when we used it as a step ladder to trim some trees.

What other accessories currently exist for the Triclimb?

Well… We have the Triclimb (the main climbing base unit), the Miri (our reversible slide) and the Biri (magnetic wipe board). In the pipeline – Archi (folding rocker and climber) Mini Triclimb and a few other top-secret products.